As a tax client of Bottom Line Accounting, you will be able to easily gather and share your tax documents with us by using our secure Intuit Link option.

If this is your first time sending us information, you will need to receive an invitation from us.

If you are a returning tax client, you will need to use the same e-mail address and password used previously.

Please remember, there Is NO Extension for Paying Taxes Due on April 18, 2023

Tax returns and tax payments are two separate events. If you think you might owe taxes then you should make an estimated tax payment. And while we may assist you in determining the amount of estimated tax payment you should pay, we are not responsible if the estimate we recommend does not cover your tax liability. Paying a little more can be a safer bet than not paying enough and owing late penalties on top of taxes. This year, to be considered paid on time taxes must be paid by April 18, 2023. Filing an extension for your tax return does not extend the time you have to meet and pay your tax liability, it only extends the time you have to file your Federal and State tax returns. When you pay after the due date, you will pay additional late payment penalties and interest.